Meet Your Dentists

Hanover Dentist

Dr. Derek Grundy, DDS, FICOI

Dr Grundy graduated from the University of Toronto school of dentistry in 1983. After serving four years in the Canadian Armed Forces he purchased a dental practice in Hanover.

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Recognizing the need for comfortable dentistry for all his patients and especially those with high fear, Dr. Grundy started offering conscious sedation dentistry in 2002.  In 2008 he started offering moderate IV sedation for patients who may require a deeper level of sedation.  IV sedation has been a huge blessing for patients wishing a deeper level of sedation for implant placement, wisdom teeth and those needing extensive care.

Aside from family and sedation dentistry services, Dr. Grundy provides TMJ treatment and dental implants. Since 2004, he has placed over 500 implants.

Derek has been married this wife Laurie for 31 years. They have 4 children and 5 very special grandchildren who bring them great joy.

Dr. Sahib Maallah, BDS

Dr. Sahib developed his passion for dentistry through early exposure at the dentist. As a teenager with malocclusion, he started visiting the dentist regularly to realign his teeth. This was the starting point for his dental exposure, which inspired him to soon after pursue a career in dentistry. Dr. Sahib is known for his gentle touch among his patients through providing oral moderate sedation as he believes that patient’s comfort is of utmost priority.

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“Working in Hanover & Lucknow I have come across very friendly people, this I believe comes with working in a small town.”

If you have dental anxiety, Dr. Sahib suggests early morning appointments as they reduces the chances of you dwelling and worrying about the appointment during the day.

“Try to start with a cleaning first to build rapport & trust with your dental team and then proceed gradually to the more complex treatments. Always ask about oral conscious sedation and inform your dentist of any fear or anxiety so that the dental team will help put you at ease. Establish a STOP sign with your dental team, such as raising a hand. This method will make you feel more in control.”

Dr. Reem Salam, DDS

Dr. Salam’s attitude towards patients is to treat them as if they are part of the family, in other words, it’s always a long term relationship, so providing multiple treatment options and taking the time to explain the pros and cons of each option are paramount before finally aiding them in making an informed decision.

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Dr. Salam was born in Baghdad-Iraq, raised in Malaysia and Dubai, completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from University of Sharjah in United Arab Emirates in 2010 after which she migrated to Canada and continued her journey in dentistry with the University of Western Ontario and graduated again with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). She has a passion for education and looking for numerous ways to expand her knowledge base through the technical courses to keep up to date with the latest technologies and medical advancement.

“Working at Grundy Family Dental Care has been an exceptionally pleasant experience mainly due to the efficient, professional and very friendly team, in addition to the fact that treating patients in a town like Hanover makes everyone feel like family.”

Dr. Fadi Sequeira, BDS

Dr. Fadi Sequeira graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry from Baghdad University in 2009. After he moved to Canada, he completed his exams at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry and became a licensed Canadian dentist.

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Dr. Fadi believes in working together as one family to provide the best treatment to his patients. He is a calm, quiet and personable doctor who involves his patients in every aspect of their treatment. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry but is especially passionate about crowns and bridges, extractions and fillings.

Dr. Fadi speaks English and Arabic. He recently got married and loves his small, happy family.

Lucknow Dentist

Dr. Shahad Joudah, BDS, NDEB


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“I am a dentist with gentle hands. Communicating with my patients and listening to their concerns is my top priority. Dentistry is not a profession to earn money as most people think, its about the happy moments when we combine arts and science to change people’s lives through their smiles.”

Languages: Arabic, English

Additional Services: Dental Implants, Invisalign Invisible Braces and Oral Sedation